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WHAT IS MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) ATTESTATION?

In the layman’s language, when an Expat seeks employment or wishes to study or do business in the UAE, the UAE organisation or authority involved will seek qualification documentary evidence from the expat’s home country.

The UAE organisation/authority will only be satisfied regarding the authenticity of the document when it has traveled successfully through a well-defined process of verification both in the Home country and in the UAE.

MOFA Attestation, as the name suggests, is the verification of endorsements through a stamp and Seal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE which is the final body that checks any testament in the UAE, and once MOFA seal is present on any documen (as shown in the image) , it is a valid document for use in the UAE for the purpose MOFA approval has been sought.

Certificates needing MOFA attestation in Dubai, UAE

Educational Certificates :

Matriculation, High School, Diploma, Degree, graduate degree, PhD etc.

Private Diplomas:

Technical Diplomas, Computer Diplomas, HVAC, Fire and Safety, Lift Technician etc.

Business Documents:

MOU, Invoice, Registration reports, Partnership deed, Memorandum of Association, Incorporation Certificate, Incumbency Certificate, Commercial Register, Trade licenses, Power of Attorneys and so forth.

Personal Documents:

Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, PCC, Registrations, TC, Fingerprint, Divorce etc.

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