Management Consultancy

Setting up of a new business in the UAE or realigning the existing ones needs the deftness of a local guide to help meander through the rocky roads of this ever-changing socio-economic global market. TRCs provides the consultancy you need to help you stay on the greens. You will find our professional, insightful, sans-bias tips, the perfect dose of audit, course setting or corrections needed by your setup.

With our 30 years of varied Industry & Management style experiences coupled with long middle eastern operational excellence, TRCs offers a unique business consultancy service, that includes Business Process Management & Reengineering and Intelligent Workflows for every aspect of your business. Effective communications being our prime tool, our consultancy can be engaged for Marketing & branding, Client Acquisition, Talent Scouting & Acquisition, Identified or Total Business Process Reengineering. We have the first-hand experience of launching brands, rebranding, business establishing, HR & Staffing and much more to offer...

We keep things simple and follow the age-old wisdom – "All big challenges are comprised of several small variables", it is our ability to break them down, propose practical, actionable corrections and controls in a highly customized manner, that differentiates us from many.... Try us.

Management Consultancy

Our services include

Strategy Consultancy

  • Defining or redefining client's business vision and strategies – The big picture.
  • Recommending matching structure & roadmap as per the Strategy.
  • Break down the total organizational wheel to identify and define roles, responsibilities and authority levels across all positions.
  • Finalization of communication strategy to ensure above business strategy reaches out to all stakeholders, both Internal & External.
  • Constant feedback & evaluation mechanism to act as the rudder.

Tactical & Process Consultancy

  • A detailed discussion is held with the senior & line management to decide on the tactical aspects of implementation to sync with both, finalized strategy & market realities.
  • SOP's: The Standard Operating Processes identification & re-engineering is crucial to identify tactical deficiencies & gaps, we often need to create altogether new processes as well.
  • Workflow Process Documentation / Policy & Quality Manuals: End-to-End work flow steps & processes must be documented, control & MIS reporting formats frozen across all Management & Operational centers. While at the Management level, Governance or Delegation matrix are defined, in the Operational centers core functions like HR, Business Development, CRM, IT & Communication, Procurement and Internal & External Public Handling Protocols.
  • Design of Internal Control Systems: Process documentation allows multiple layer effective internal audits and controls.
  • Change Management / Training: A crucial tactical component involves imparting extensive training to the effected employees as well channel partners to upgrade their skills to match with the new SOPs and structure implementation. Our training division is headed by a seasoned professional with more than a decade of HR & Technical Training experience.

IT & Process Automation Consultancy

  • We firmly believe that use of apt technology & process automation decides the commercial success of all modern businesses. TRC translates to its clients, its wide understanding & practical application of technology platforms and the right partnerships to braid them into the business flows. It is crucial that all internal & external business stakeholder’s platform also integrates to ensure smooth functioning. Generally small automation steps are recommended to gradually expand horizons by adding more processes, business functions or depth of automation.
  • Technical Training forms an important aspect of our consultancy since the best of technology can also contribute as much as the user’s / staff’s ability to deploy it.

Human Resources Consultancy

  • Employer Branding, Recruitment, Talent Pipeline & Acquisition: TRC’s core competence being Recruitment, we fully endorse the fact that out of all 4 “Ps”, ‘People’ is the most difficult to attract, connect, hire, deploy, retain & motivate. And successful recruitment is subjective to the degree of success in matching the Goals & objectives of the organization with the candidate on hire.
  • Performance Measurement Systems: Performance evaluation of employees is our critical contribution, it is imperative and a continuous process wherein both the managers and employees work participate to set up or accept a mechanism of planning, monitoring and reviewing of an employee's work KRAs and goals vis-à-vis her overall contribution to the organization. We also undertake Competency Assessments, to help our client assess their employee’s competencies and if they are equipped with the requisite competencies as per the requirement of their positions. Gaps found during these Assessments are bridged with an apt inhouse or outsourced training program.
  • HR Management Systems – HR Management systems entails defining the grades across positions, optimizing the compensation & benefits to respective grades, it also defines the career growth path for each grade – from start to retirement etc. Caring Arbabs or Sahibaleuml (Employer in Arabic) ensure inclusion of an extensive rewards and bonus system that’s applicable to all employees, then there are long term retention plans like increased rewards for longevity etc. All these and more are included in an EMPLOYEE HAND BOOK that we design for our clients, this handbook is an important Employer Branding Tool and can be uploaded on their websites, given away to new joinees and an important part of HRM systems we recommend.
  • Please visit the other pages on this website to understand details of each of our Specialised HR. Services.

Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management Consultancy

  • Sales and marketing kits are important components of a brand or service launch and helps speed up or establish entry into new markets.
  • TRCs helps you segment the market and define target audiences and the relevant plan & kits for your marketing team.
  • We also design the communication, plan and help in media buying & placements, oversee implementation, collect-analyze and provide actionable feedback on the response.
  • TA guided Market Audits: Target Audience always responds differently to even brands within the same genre, which translated into the degree of success each brand achieves. This difference can be attributed to a very scientific study of Brand Communication, Brand Recognition, Brand Availability, Brand Experience, Brand Satisfaction, Brand Delight and Brand Surprise. TRC’s understands and charts the client’s brand journey to the “Surprise Stage” through cleverly undertaken SWOT of all the variables the marketing would encounter. On the operational note, we do physical verification of how the brand is positioned, it’s exposure, point of sale analysis, Competition Mapping, etc.

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