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Please read & satisfy yourself with the applicable Legal Terms & Conditions as mentioned, prior to initiating any dealing with us.

Legal Terms & Conditions

  1. For All Parties - Without Exception

    Disputes of all types, irrespective of the second party, are subject to the competent courts of the United Arab Emirates only without any exception.

  2. For all Job Applicants & Candidates
    1. We have no agents / sub-agents anywhere in the world.
    2. Our recruitment services are complaint as per the UAE Laws. Candidates shall “NOT” pay any “recruitment fees” to us or any of our employees / representatives.
    3. Other payable services, like licensing assistance, translation, background-check etc., if any, must be paid only against a pre-agreed amount & against an official invoice issued by us.
    4. No cash / credit transactions of any types are entertained. We deal exclusively through bank transfers & PayPal.
  3. For Suppliers - Individuals & Organizations Wanting to Sell Us Products or Services
    1. We make any / all purchases only from a compliant seller organization, possessing a valid VAT or local govt. registration & taxation number.
    2. We pay 100% advance against all purchases, please do not activate any service unless you have received the payment against VAT registered supplier invoice.
    3. All purchases, irrespective of its type or quantity, shall be eligible for payment only if supported with our numbered Purchase Order, that has been manually signed & sealed by the Authorised signatories.
    4. Digitally signed purchase orders, contracts, etc., are not valid unless supported with manually singed & sealed hard copies.
    5. Payment mode against each purchase must expressly be pre-agreed in writing in order to qualify for payment.
  4. For Clients & Customers
    1. We need the hard copy of a signed & valid bilateral contract with the agreed terms & conditions before starting our services.
  5. No deviations from the above are allowed or admissible unless supported by a registered Board Resolution.
  6. All rights reserved by
Approved by the Board
Dated: 01-January-2017

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