Executive Search Services

Hiring Leaders has been TRC's passion and we follow the AECE standards of quality and ethics for the executive search consulting business. There are a few industry sectors we call our own and we provide specific specialist head hunting solutions by leveraging deep professional network and one-on-one relationships in them to match our discerning client’s exacting talent requirements.


We provide complete customized suite to our Executive Search Clients

  • Manpower Forecasting/ Planning
  • Assistance in JD writing
  • Sourcing through our industry wide personal contacts for senior positions.
  • Sourcing automation using Mass & Social Media, Job Boards & Specific Databases.
  • We conduct detailed interviews as per Technical / Shortlist criteria.  
  • TRCs also assists in undertaking Targeted Headhunting from Competitors.
  • TRCs unique service Interviewer Outsourcing Platform, allows huge time & cost saving in crucial Personal face-to-face interviews in especially distant countries. Our pre-approved technically qualified senior professionals in those countries replace you and ensure proper interviews and provide real time feedback. These are paid on per interview conducted basis only and you could be present in multiple locations at the same time.
Executive Search Services


  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RECRUITMENT: TRCs brings to the Middle Eastern Employers, a highly experienced and effective team of senior IT recruitment team currently working on management roles in AI, IoT, Block Chain, Big Data, Cyber Security, Content Security, Cloud Computing, Cisco Certified & Microsoft Certified, Cerner Certified and other in-demand IT skilled professional.  

    Based out of the IT hub in Chennai, with offices in Bangalore and Pune, our 15-member senior IT recruitment consultants team is dedicated to service behind the scene to fulfill technology hire requirements of our global clients.

  • MEDIA - 360° RECRUITMENT: TRCs internal capabilities include a background of 20+ years in Global Media with first-hand dealing relationships in 85 countries. We leverage these relationships to help you create talent pipeline & hire senior professionals in Print media, Television & Radio, Outdoors & Direct Connect and Web & Social Media Verticals. We cover all departments including Editorial, Pre-& Post Production, Research, Marketing & Distribution, Security & Content Review Professionals having deep regional language capabilities to monitor, audit and review content across various socio-cultural regions in the world.

  • ENERGY SECTOR RECRUITMENT: TRC’s of 5+ years of Recruiting for Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Traditional & Non-Traditional Energy recruitment is here to serve your niche requirements from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, countries across Latin America.

  • PETROCHEMICAL, including R&D SCIENTIST’S SEARCH: TRCs has worked closely with leading middle-eastern Petrochemical company in hiring their senior Engineering & Production staff. We are specialized in Upstream & Downstream project staffing from South & South East Asia, North America, Latin America and UK. TRCs takes pride in strategizing hiring for Technology & Innovation Research Scientists for major R&D clients such as Sabic Research Center, KSA, KOC Research Center – Kuwait.

  • INVESTMENT & ISLAMIC BANKING and FINANCE search is another of our niche inhouse capabilities since 2010. TRCs has been a long-standing recruitment partner for large Investment banks such as Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) and top Islamic Banks of the Middle East. We had the distinction of hiring positions including a COO & other critical investment-operations, investment-marketing & investment-IT positions from 7 countries around the world for our clients.    

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