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Background Check

We provide individual and corporate background check services across the world through self-owned offices and vetted global partners.

Pre Employment Checks

Undertaken generally for Junior or Mid-Management Employees

  • Education Check
  • Past Employment Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Address Verification
  • Reference Check

Background Check

Main Pointers

  • Pre Employment checks are overt and conducted post obtaining the candidate’s consent in written form
  • All checks conducted in this assignment are conducted basis the details provided by the subject in the Job Application Form (JAF) along with the certificates submitted.
  • All feedbacks are gathered from the respective institutes / organisations that would help analyse the Subject’s hiring decisions.
  • All feedbacks gathered from the respective sources are submitted along with the written documented proofs in the report.
  • Any discrepancies encountered between the ASCENDANTS CLAIMED (basis the details provided in the Application Form and supporting documents / certificates provided) VERSUS CREDENTIALS VERIFIED are highlighted on real time basis, so as to help the client take timely decisions.
  • Tagging of the Pre Employment Background verification report is tagged basis the matrix with headings that helps to have an overview of the veracity of the candidate.
  • All the above alongwith an in-depth analysis of past employment history and performance.

Critical Hire Checks

Undertaken by the management before hiring a critical positions

  • Critical Hire Checks are covert and discrete and no information is collected from the candidate to conduct the same.
  • The Client is only requested to furnish the latest bio of the candidate in order to be able to carry out the checks.
  • The references culled and contact for educational and professional verification are done using investigative methodology and hence no names are shared while tabulating the feedback obtained.
  • The investigative findings are gathered using a 3 pronged methodology of online database / public record search, on ground covert intelligence gathering.
  • All findings gathered via social media check, are through coverts methods permissible under law. No acts of breach of privacy by illegal access of any social media accounts is undertaken.
  • Every report for a Critical Hire Check is accompanied by a Risk Mapping Report – that categorises the critical findings into Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk – thereby helping the Client to take a call on the candidature
Background Check

Intelligence Management Services

Deployed for corporate

We specializes in providing our global clients with solutions pertaining to information & intelligence management that help in critical business decision making. Led by a team of experts, we take pride in assisting in global investigative due diligence, fraud prevention, forensics, litigation support services etc.

Background Check

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  • Trained Manpower
  • Certified Forensic Experts
  • Advanced Technological Support
  • Legally Approved Methods
  • Evidence as admissible in a court of law.

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