RPO Services

RECRUITMENT PROCESS, is an essential & continuous function for any business. Until the industry starts hiring only Robots, Quality manpower is required at every stage to identify, reach, attract, convince and finally hire other quality manpower.

This arduous & expensive function of constantly evaluating & matching profiles closest to the business keeps both the HR & the top management very occupied - 24/7/365. We would like you to OUTSOURCE this work to us.


  • While TRCs takes your HR pains, so you focus in your core-business
  • Save on fixed salaries & benefits commitment
  • Save on expensive office space & other admin costs
  • Easy access to our database & major job boards
  • Benefit through our world-wide syndicated specialist sourcing
  • Spend more time on crucial and final aspects like offers, negotiations & onboarding
  • We offer primary source verification / pre-employment check too. 


  • We offer project based and time-based engagement packages
  • Dedicated Senior Recruiter or Sourcer, synched to your time zone
  • Working on 2-3 requirements per resource with guaranteed submissions & reports schedule.
RPO Service


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