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Business Leaders across the world are alive to the fact that knowledge, core-competence and service excellence are absolute essentials to remain on top of the competition. Despite all round automation, Manpower & Manhours (M&M), play a crucial part in ensuring top service levels. Since, M&M cannot be unlimited, it is wise to stretch one's budget to the maximum by intelligently outsourcing core yet repetitive business functions.

India & Philippines are two of the world's top outsourcing destinations for the below business functions that are core to TRC's. ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) is also the fastest growing business in both these countries. TRC's, offers niche & customized outsourcing solutions for the below "Services"

  1. International Recruitment - Sourcing Operations
  2. Medical Recruitment - Sourcing Doctors, Nurses, Allied Professionals
  3. Professional Licensing for Clinical Medical & Professionals
  4. Background Check & Primary Source Verification – Global
  5. Medical Coding & Transcription - AAPC certified ICD 10 compliant
  6. Employer Branding & Global Media 360° Operations


Total 56 seats capable of 2 shifts (i.e. 896 manhours per day)

  • Evenly spread across:
    Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kochi, Makati, Kathmandu, Sharjah.
  • Each center has its own unique specialization to handle one or more of the above 6 & headed by a vertical expert.


  • First hand & substantial operational experience in all the above 6 functions.
  • Costs average 1/3rd of your current due to our low-cost manpower and minimal operations expenses.
  • We add industry best practices to enhance our client's workflow efficiency.
  • Our agents are highly trained and with proven industry experience, they work like your own and save you from paying high fixed salaries and other costs.

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