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Required Qualifications
Masters and Bachelors in Psychology, from the US, UK, Western Europe, Australia, South Africa Preferred, with DHA License or Eligibility as Clinical Psychologist
Job Description

Psychologists & Therapists – Requirements

The Employer, UAE’s top Mental Health Treatment Services Provider, owning facilities across the UAE to offer Psychiatry & Neurology care of the highest quality. There are multiple openings against the above position.

Qualifications: Masters and Bachelors in Psychology, from the US, UK, Western Europe, Australia, South Africa Preferred

Experience: 5+ years post Masters, or / 3+ year post PhD.

Reporting to: The Medical Director

Work Location: Dubai

Gender: Female 

Age Limit: Upper limit of 45 years.

Expertise: Working with Adults, Couples, Families, Adolescents or Children, Generalists preferred, but specialities in women’s health, psychotherapy, liaison psychiatry, substance misuse and eating disorders will also be considered

Important: For all hires, a strong fit with our client’s vision, mission & values is a must.

Language Skills: Native English Speakers Preferred

For non-natives, excellent command over English and no heavy accent like Arabic, East-European, Southeast Asian or any other accents are not acceptable.
Ability to provide client service in Arabic is a plus

Licensing: Holding DHA licensed is a plus

All other mental health professionals must already be licensed by the
Community Development Authority (CDA) before applying
Professional CDA Application assistance also available

Contract Type: Full Time, Permanent, 2 years (Renewable), 6 months’ probation.

Marital Status: Any


Job Duties & Summary

  • The Clinical Psychologist will meet with clients to identify problems that are emotional, mental and behavioural—in their lives. Through observation, interviews and tests, the psychologist will diagnose any existing or potential disorders.
  • Help the client to understand then recover from their problems.
  • Will use the most up-to-date version of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), published by the American Psychological Association (APA) to guide and confirm their diagnosis, as well as their treatment plans.
  • Will tailor treatment plans to each individual patient and monitor response to different forms of therapy.
  • Ensure the maintenance of historical records by documenting the patient’s treatment history.
  • Ensure continuous knowledge upgradation by attending & participating in CME / CPD opportunities, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks etc.
  • Enhances the reputation of the organization by displaying ownership, demonstrating and accomplishing new things, adding new knowledge etc.


THIS EMPLOYER is based on a production or fee-sharing model in which the clinic and clinician share fees collected from clients seen by the clinician. Our client offers them a starting salary for up to 6 months which is intended to provide newly hired clinicians with a guaranteed earning floor as they settle in and gradually develop their caseload and does not reflect their full earning potential. The employer’s demand levels are such that a clinician can walk into a full-caseload situation from the beginning of employment. The clinicians’ income is in the top 2-5% for mental health professionals in Dubai. 

Starting salary is around AED 23K per month.
After reaching average weekly caseload of 25 clients, earnings exceed AED 40K on a 50% fee-sharing basis

How to Apply

Please copy the below Questionnaire in your email body or as page 1 of the CV. Answers must be opposite each question.
Your CV should be in Word format only (No PDF)
Your photo & other documents must be in JPG format
Please name your documents appropriately.
Email to partha(at)roychowdhurys(dot)com


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Other Tips / FAQ’s


1.       Why do I need to start my licensing process before I get an offer?

Our Client invests a lot of time and put a lot of thought into recruiting clinicians of the highest calibre to join them. It is important that the candidates also carefully considered the decision to move to the UAE before approaching us. The licensing process is one indication of a candidate’s seriousness. Being licensed is also a legal requirement for clinicians to be able to treat clients.
Clinical Psychologists should start with their licensing process with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) as soon as possible. 
Other Mental health professionals should register with the CDA and ensure their qualifications are equalized too.
Please note You do not get invited to visit our client’s clinic – for the final screening step – until completed Primary Source Verification (PSV) through Dataflow. You cannot start employment until the license has been granted.

We have a dedicated licensing division that can help you process DHA / CDA Dataflow for a fee.


2.       How long does the interview process take?

Our Client has 5 stage/levels of interviews and they conclude the fourth screen by the 5th week after receiving the candidthe ate’s resume and all documents and in the format requested above.
The final round - clinic visit is dependent on the candidate’s progress in the licensing process and their availability for travel. Once they receive an offer, their start date is dependent on when they get awarded their license and when they can move from their previous job/country (if applying from abroad).


3.       Do you offer other benefits such as housing or schooling allowances or flights home?


Such allowances are rare in private practice employment contracts in Dubai and, when included, they are usually coupled with a lower base salary. Instead, our Client ensures that the clinicians have the opportunity to earn enough income to cover such costs themselves, and through the production model clinicians do not have an earning ceiling, if they see more clients, they earn more. The clinicians’ income with this employer is in the top 2-5% for mental health professionals in Dubai.


4.       How do clinicians build their caseload?


The clinic’s reputation for excellence, professionalism and care attracts a steadily growing number of clients. Our Client operates a triage system to assign clients to clinicians whose expertise best match their needs, within a reasonable window of availability, and with a consideration of the clinicians’ relative caseloads. You are also offered multiple platforms and opportunities to build your reputation which in turn further bolsters the caseloads.


5.       Does the teamwork in a multidisciplinary manner?


At our client’s, Psychology, Psychiatry, Occupational and Speech & Language Therapists all work alongside each other. They make appropriate inter-referrals and engage in joint working.


6.       What clinical specialities are needed at our client’s?


The Client serves the community across the lifespan and therefore welcome clinicians who can work well as generalists and bring specialities and serve niche areas of need. Your speciality will also provide opportunities to train colleagues and various mental health professionals in the community looking to deepen their clinical skills.
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Work Experience :
5+ years post Masters, or 3+ year post PhD.
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Psychologists & Therapists
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