When do you hire people that have never existed?

Strange question? You must be wondering if you are able to see someone in front of your eyes how can we suggest there might be a case that this person never existed ??  (Although he or she might exist in the future and we cannot totally deny that)…It is very simple, actually.

Consider this; what if you are hiring an engineer who is actually not an engineer? What if you are hiring a software programmer who is actually not a software programmer? What the heck are we talking about here? People frequently lie during the interviews and they fill in their resumes with misinformation all the time, it is more common than you might think it is. Check this linkFake Employees – Forgery cases recently detected by us – Sub Continent Candidates

In fact, it is so common that established companies and organizations regularly partner with employee background screening companies just to make sure, they are actually hiring “people” whom they think they are hiring.

Technology and migration make it quite easy to misinform employers in order to gain undeserved employment. People get fake certificates, they add experiences to their resumes that they never had, they add a couple of qualifications they never acquired, they get their drivers license or passport by shady means, and they quote wrong residential addresses while submitting their documents, this doesn’t stop here. Such people go to all lengths to gain employment they never deserved. So if you are hiring people that have never existed this actually means you are hiring experts who are not experts. They claim to be able to provide you with services, that in reality, they cannot provide.

How to stop this? Make sure you are hiring the right people, by partnering with an experienced and qualified employee background check and verification company. They can dig out information from the remotest corners of the world (AMSiNFORM does – 105 countries). Screening companies can also verify the antecedents of all the documents submitted by your candidates and can validate all the claims made by them during the interviews.

If you wish to have more information or undertake a complimentary check of a few of your staff/candidate’s testimonials checked for authenticity, feel free to drop me a note. or visit our Background Check page: https://www.roychowdhurys.com/background-check.html


This article was originally written & published on 16 August 2014, by our Global Licensing Principle Partner: Sachin Aggarwal, Director, AMSiNFORM

Partha Roy

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